$5.00 Cash Club
Having trouble trying to build a profitable downline?

Well, worry NO MORE! The $5.00 Cash Club is a steadfast proven promotional tool that works instantly!

When our members join the $5.00 Cash Club, they IMMEDIATELY start at the top of their downline and receive an established income pool of up to 20 NEW PROSPECTS!!!

With the first four people who join your downline, you'll make $1 for every new person that your referral finds up to four levels deep. Even after you've maxed out your first downline with four people, you will still receive residual income to INFINITY for all of your downline sales for the rest of your life.

Multiple downlines are created with the first four people that join the $5.00 Cash Club under your downline. NO TWO PEOPLE WILL HAVE THE SAME DOWNLINE!!! All of your sales are yours exclusively, so you don't have to worry about losing your top position in your downline. Even if you do NOTHING at all after you establish your FIRST downline, you'll still make $1 per sale for each person your FIRST four referrals find up to the fourth level.

WE ESTABLISH YOUR DOWNLINE FOR YOU WITH OUR AUTOMATIC REFERRAL SYSTEM! Our automatic referral system GUARANTEES that the next four PAID NEW MEMBERS who sign up on our site (whether you referred them or not) will be placed in your FIRST downline. We weed out all dead-beat prospects, so that ONLY PAID NEW MEMBERS will be placed in your downline. Thus, YOU ARE GUARANTEED INCOME every single time starting with the first time!

WE GUARANTEE YOUR REFERRALS FOR YOU WITH OUR DOWNLINE PLACEMENT SERVICE! Our automatic referral system GUARANTEES that the next four FREE AFFILIATES that sign up on our site (whether you referred them or not) will be placed in your FIRST downline. We notify you of each new prospect in your downline, so you can automatically follow-up with them individually and introduce yourself. YOU WILL NOT BE GUARANTEED INCOME unless five free affiliates from within your downline upgrade their membership status and pay the life-time membership fee of just $5 to join the cash club! Upon recruiting five NEW PAID MEMBERS from your downline, your own $5 Cash Club membership will be upgraded to PAID status, and you can start making residual income, from ALL NEW PAID MEMBERS referred by your five new recruits.

Here's an example of how it works: (You are Kim)

Kim joins the $5.00 Cash Club today. Immediately, with the next four people who sign up on our site, she gains 4 people in here FIRST downline. Her new downline now includes Mary, Mike, Jane and Jim on the FIRST level. Each of them also acquire 4 people from the next four site visitors who join the $5 Cash Club, thus maxing Kim's FIRST downline out (up from 4 people to 20 people).

Funds are then distributed to INFINITY as follows: (dollar amount equals how much received for each referral)

Kim refers: Jim    ($1=Kim)
Jim refers: Johnnie    ($1=Kim, $1=Jim)
Johnnie refers: Caroline    ($1=Kim, $1=Jim, $1=Johnnie)
Caroline refers: Justin    ($1=Kim, $1=Jim, $1=Johnnie, $1=Caroline)
Justin Refers: Joe    Kim drops out ($1=Justin, $1=Caroline, $1=Johnnie, $1=Jim)

Kim refers: Jane    ($1=Kim)
Jane refers: Joseph    ($1=Kim, $1=Jane)
Joseph refers: Cathy    ($1=Kim, $1=Jane, $1=Joseph)
Cathy refers: James    ($1=Kim, $1=Jane, $1=Joseph, $1=Cathy)
James Refers: Max    Kim drops out ($1=James, $1=Cathy, $1=Joseph, $1=Jane)

Kim refers: Mike    ($1=Kim)
Mike refers: Marty    ($1=Kim, $1=Mike)
Marty refers: Marilyn    ($1=Kim, $1=Mike, $1=Marty)
Marilyn refers: Joshua    ($1=Kim, $1=Mike, $1=Marty, $1=Marilyn)
Joshua Refers: Ann    Kim drops out ($1=Joshua, $1=Marilyn, $1=Marty, $1=Mike)

Kim refers: Mary    ($1=Kim)
Mary refers: Howard    ($1=Kim, $1=Mary)
Howard refers: Cindy    ($1=Kim, $1=Mary, $1=Howard)
Cindy refers: Michelle    ($1=Kim, $1=Mary, $1=Howard, $1=Cindy)
Michelle Refers: Nolan    Kim drops out ($1=Michelle, $1=Cindy, $1=Howard, $1=Mary)

And this pattern continues to INFINITY for every referral that anyone in Kim's downline makes!